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Founded in 2010, 1x1connect, a tight-knit Paris-based team, is committed to bringing the web into the social age. We develop enriched interaction and analytics tools such as youmood.me and partner with several startups and companies.

1x1connect’s innovation in tech has garnered the recognition of the BPI, a French public fund supporting innovative companies. We are also laureates of Scientipole Initative and of Proxima Mobile.

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Our story

  • February 2015 Master Image Programmes

    In partnership with Siioux design agency, 1x1connect is developing the new visual identity website for Master Images Programme. HTML5 videos, neat design and integration.

  • December 2014 BestNeighbours (code name)

    For one of our clients, we are currently developing a social network based on neighborhoods.

    Key features : geolocation, enriched comments, real-time and personalised email notifications, analytics and back office moderation

  • February 2014 Guestviews.co

    1x1connect has developed a tailored platform for guestviews.co, allowing them to deploy personalised apps in museums to collect data and analyze their audiences.

    Key features : 100% co-branded apps, real-time and personalised email notifications, data analysis, charts, back office, secure e-mails with Amazon Web Services, responsive design

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    Camille Caubriere - Guestviews

    When my partner and I launched our start up, we needed support to help us in the conception and technical development of our product. We started to work with 1x1 connect 1 year and a half ago. My feedback: great team with multiple skills, very available and truly dedicated! A pleasure!

  • January 2014 1x1connect.com cloud platform

    1x1connect has developed its own private virtualised environment that allows us to rapidly and securely deploy an environment for its flagship product youmood.me and for its clients.

    Key features : security, performance optimization, monitoring

  • 2014
  • June 2013 youmood.me

    1x1connect developed the first universal commenting tool in the world. youmood.me is both a browser plugin and a website plugin that allows users to comment any webpage. Users can find contents and comment them thanks to a powerful search engine, they can chat with each other on any webpage, follow content and get real time in-app or e-mail notifications.

    1 million web pages indexed in December 2014

    Key features : plug&play AOI, b2b plugin, Wordpress plugin, enriched comments, recommendation algorithms, internationalization, analytics, secured third party comment too, performance optimization

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  • January 2013 Chouf-chouf.com

    The first media in Algeria that allowed users to propose content to be published after verification from moderators, chouf-chouf.com and its interactive videos and articles were all fully developed by 1x1connect.

    Key features : development and maintenance of francophone and arabophone website, content indexing, seo, video content crawler for Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo videos.

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  • 2013
  • October 2012 Sam-network.org

    1x1connect has an enriched video platform that is also a social network. Users can create videos, comment them in sync and share topics related to the videos.

    Key features : 100% responsive, full ajax navigation, corner shop, synchronized comments, profile pages, powerful search engine based on code indexing

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  • December 2011 Securiteroutiere.gouv.fr

    1x1connect developed a social API for the French government’s road safety portal. Plugged on this PHP front-end, it allowed easy management of user signups, profiles, forums and real-time notifications. A tailor-made back office was also made for the client for analytics and moderation.

    Key features : API, recommendation algorithms, rich comments, private messaging

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  • December 2010 Putting 1 and 1 together

    Three friends decide to put their resources together to develop the first API that manages interactions and mobilization online. After about a year of research and development with the help of Telecom Bretagne, Centrale Marseille and the CNRS of Montpellier, the first version of the 1x1connect technology is released and used for a mobile app : Causebuilder (which later became youmood.me)

  • 2010